Image by Braydon Anderson

Mystery experience audits

Getting a real snapshot of our clients' experiences is invaluable. It provides us with opportunities for improvement that we may not see or hear, from check-in on a quite Sunday night to how the team follow up on enquiry calls. 

Once we have agreed goals and parameters with management, and we have your brand standards to measure against, we will call or visit under a different name and record every aspect of our interaction. We then present a full assessment report with scoring and recommendations, ensuring that you have a full picture of the guest journey experienced by our mystery guests so that you can take any action necessary to improve your "real" guests' experience.

Mystery experience audits can be one off, however we recommend regular audits to measure improvements and identify any new issues.

Our mystery guest experience audits include:

  • Reservation calls

  • Sales / events office calls

  • Restaurant visits

  • Spa visits

  • Overnight stay visits

If you'd like to discuss our audits in more detail, please get in touch.