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Hotel sales jumpstart


Simon Sinek has said businesses are like cars and money is the fuel (if you haven't seen this piece do check it out on You Tube here).

We think teams are the battery - when fully charged, they hold the power to jump into life when you turn the key. When they are left unused for a while, on furlough or through reduced hours working from home, their power can drain away. You are ready to drive again, reopening or ramping up after lockdown, and what happens? You turn the key and it's flat.

So how can you make sure your team is primed, ready and powerful when you want them to be?

1) Keep the battery topped up

Don't let it drain in the first place - if your team are furloughed, keep in touch whether through a WhatApp group, Zoom or Facebook (or the zillions of other methods out there). The important thing is to make the contact interactive rather than one way. Receiving a letter is informative but does it engage the employee? Having a Zoom meeting, team-build or quick catch up will be much more beneficial for both engagement in the business and team bonding.

2) Training

Training is encouraged under the current furlough scheme, and there are tons of free hospitality workshops, courses and webinars out there. Find ones you think will benefit the team, check them out yourself to make sure it's useful, then send the link out with a deadline to complete (do bear in mind many people have home schooling / volunteering commitments so aim to get a consensus on what's realistic when you have your virtual catch up).

3) Get your own roadmap to reopening ready

There's a lot to do - for example the events / sales office will need to catch up with emails, go through enquiries, business on the books, re-book cancelled events, sort out deposits etc. Share your plans and ask for input. Don't leave a task list until re-opening day, make sure you are prepared and, if you can, get the team back as soon as feasible even if on flexi-furlough / part-time / working from home basis. Make sure you are ready to turn the ignition key!

4) Get some support

As a business solely focused on supporting hotel management, it would be remiss of us to leave this out! We can help you prepare your super sales strategy, plan your operational opening plan, look at your marketing (social media, proposal templates etc) and generally give you a fresh perspective on how to reopen with a wow. We can contact your clients & business on the books to get them excited about your reopening date. Oh, and if you have an empty chair in your office, we can help with interim sales & operational cover too.

5) Get energised & spread the joy!

Make sure the team are full of business buzz and excited to return with your own energy & enthusiasm. Let them see the great changes / plans you have in place, welcome them back with a treat (doesn't have to be a huge cost - bacon butties in a team meeting always go down well). Get everyone together and energised!

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