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The 5 key rules of hotel sales success

Are you getting the right customers into your business? Are you stealing market share from your competitors? Do you know who your perfect customer is?

Here we have a look at the 5 basic rules of hotel sales and how you can make sure you are doing the right things daily, weekly and monthly.

Rule #1 - Know your product, know your customer, know your place

Describe your hotel in one sentence... for example "a boutique country hotel with luxurious spa, exquisite food and relaxed atmosphere" or "City-centre conference-led hotel with modern amenities". Done? Now take a look - is this how your customers see you?

Who is your perfect customer? Give them a name and describe them. E.g. "Sarah is 45, married with grown-up children with a stressful job. She wants to escape 3 or 4 times a year to a relaxing spa with her husband or friends, where she can spend time being pampered and eating amazing food. She likes a touch of luxury and has disposable income to spend."

Do your perfect customer and your hotel description match up? Then repeat this exercise for each market segment - weddings, conference, spa etc.

The last part is where you sit in the marketplace - are you the best boutique country hotel in your comp set? What do you do that is better than the others? A good old SWOT analysis can help you focus on your strengths & how that benefits your customer - which is where you put your sales focus.

Rule #2 - Know where you're going and plan your journey to get there

So now you know where you are and where you want to be, it's time to create your sales plan. Focusing on each market segment & perfect customer that you want to appeal to, plan your activities for the next 12 months on how you will reach them from social media to in-house guest communication plans. Your sales plan should be a living, breathing, rolling document, referred to and revised daily rather than gathering dust on a shelf. Make it work for you!

Rule #3 - Get the (right) team on board

Do you have the right structure and the right team with the right attitude to succeed? Do you need to re-train or re-hire? Once you have the right people in place, bring them on board by communicating your vision clearly, making sure everyone knows their role in creating success. Share and assign responsibilities - if Mark is great on social media, get him involved and let him manage your Facebook & Insta pages. If Clare looks after weddings, ask her to look at your current offering and make suggestions for change. Get the team excited about where you are going and they will be passionate about making sure you get there.

Rule #4 - Show & tell time!

Time to put that sales plan into action! Make sure you have some great photography / video on your website (and make sure your website is easy to navigate, can capture sales data and looks good), get on social media to build followers and get your proactive sales actions going. Inviting customers into your business is the best way to sell - that is if your business is ready. Make sure your first impression is one that will have people clamouring to come back with friendly staff, special touches and a personalised showround.

Rule #5 - Review, revise, repeat...

Some of your sales actions won't get the results you wanted - and that's OK. If it doesn't work, try something else or revise it and try again at a different time. If it works really well, plan to do something similar again. Keep assessing, measuring and revising your plan, recording results and planning how you can make it even better next time!

Empowering your team with a passion for sales (the whole hotel team, not just your Sales Manager / event team) and involving them with daily revenue targets (how many bedroom upgrades on check-in will we do today? How many cakes will we upsell with a coffee purchase today?) will create a fantastic sales culture and ultimately bring in more revenue.

We help hotels increase sales and revenue with services from a full review, training and action plan to interim Director of Sales cover, give us a call for a chat about how we can help you to get where you want to be.

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