interim support

When there is a vacancy within the team, due to sickness, parental leave or recruitment issues, it can leave enquiries unanswered, teams stressed and customers frustrated. If you are in between GMs or Operations Managers, then the team can struggle and ultimately your operation will be affected.

If you are missing a Sales Manager, you will be missing out on opportunity which will affect your sales funnel for the future.

Hotel Advantage provides interim support helping to bridge a gap with our experienced, professional team of hospitality experts, whether you decide on remote support on enquiries or on-site support for a couple of days, weeks or months.

Our team have cross-departmental experience including main systems knowledge and ensure that we complete any assignment to your requirements. Don't just take our word for it, take a look at what our recent clients said about us here

The positions we can cover include:

  • Proactive Sales - Sales Executive, Sales Co-ordinator, Sales Manager, Sales Director

  • Sales & Events - Event Co-ordinator, Event Sales Manager, Sales Office Manager

  • Front Office - Receptionist, Reception Supervisor, Reception Manager, Reservations Co-ordinator, Reservations Manager, Front Office Manager

  • Housekeeping - Housekeeping Supervisor, Housekeeping Manager

  • Management - Operations Manager, Deputy General Manager, General Manager, Sales & Marketing Director

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