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We are delighted to be partners with the award-winning TR Group.

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Tony Murdock FIH

Associate Director

Hotel Advantage

Tony Murdock, recently awarded with a Fellowship of the Institute of Hospitality, has joined Hotel Advantage as Associate Director and will be working as a key part of Hotel Advantage to enhance the outsourcing options available at TRG, whilst also working in partnership on TR Destination Management Ltd.  TR Global and Hotel Advantage will offer a joint task force to the hospitality industry providing many years of experience across all areas of upper end hospitality.

About TR Global Events Ltd:

Established in 2019, TRG is an award-winning complete service events company based in Cambridge with an office in Florida, USA.  Formed by Tony Murdock to create an exceptional service offering to deliver their clients brief, exceeding expectations every time within their budget to ensure complete satisfaction, anywhere in the world.  The TRG team are highly experienced award-winning hospitality and event professionals who know how to deliver.

Reviews4You, our trusted partner, helps turn reviews into revenue

When I was 4 I told anyone who asked that I wanted to be a tourist.  Having worked in travel in London, Massachusetts, Paris and Amsterdam, I can say that I absolutely achieved this goal.


I started my career working in the luxury hotel segment in London and the USA, and I then worked for one of the largest wholesale tour operators in the world – Gullivers Travel Associates, where I pioneered the first full for empty contract agreement in the wholesale world.   After 25 years working for GTA and negotiating and strategizing with hotels on a daily basis, I realised that there was a hole in the market – hotels did not have the time to respond to their reviews and yet they all wanted to increase their direct bookings and reduce their costs so why not combine the two?  I founded Reviews4you and Reviews4you Academy because I want to support hotels and restaurants in getting back on their feet and help them to turn their reviews into revenue.


I am currently living in Amsterdam with my partner Robert, our teenage daughter Tiffany, two dogs – Pepsi and Poc, two ponies – Vlametje and Bella, and three chickens with no name!

Joanne Greene
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Wine List reviews - increasing profitability for the hospitality industry


Having studied the sales patterns from your existing wine list, I use my industry knowledge and analytics to re-structure your list and deliver a higher average spend and more profitable wine list for all of my clients. There is no stress and minimal admin involved for my clients as I only need to change a handful of wines and these increases are achieved WITHOUT my clients needing to

  • Change suppliers

  • Increase house wine prices, or

  • verbally upsell products to their guests

We also offer services building wine lists from scratch and sourcing suitable suppliers for our clients. 

If you are happy with the service and pricing from your existing supplier, our basic package can increase your average spend with no need to change supplier.

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Lake at Dusk

For your HR projects, ad-hoc consultancy and more, we highly recommend Wayne Singleton


Wayne Singleton - HR Consultant

Wayne is an ex-HR Manager/Head of Training & Development with large multi-national organisations, as well as having an early career working in hospitality after gaining a HND in Hotel Management at Blackpool - working for Disney, Moat House, English Lakes Hotels and Hilton. He's now a HR consultant that can provide a full range of services to businesses of all sizes.


For more information, drop him a message, or get in touch via social media as chances are he'll be out running (see also his Running Concierge business!) or in an area with poor signal near his Lake District home!

Call 07793 532830 or click on the socials below.

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  • Instagram
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Freddie Kemp
Dojo Consultant

Game-changing payment systems supported by incredible service

As a Dojo Consultant, I deliver a confident and capable partnership service to entrepreneurs, independent business owners and movers and shakers.

With a premium game-changing product and the levels of service at all stages of a client relationship, especially after-sales care, I am particularly delighted to be referred to entrepreneurs and owners across the UK, supporting their decision-making about taking card payments, perhaps going cashless and integrating with their electronic Point of Sale. Please don’t take my word for it though - read my TrustPilot reviews. This is my business.

My team and I rely on building and nurturing relationships and create partners of our clients.

I hope to shape your experience of the company as a game-changing, creative, courageous, people-first ‘fin-tech’ enterprise, supported by commercial acumen and cutting-edge technology.

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My name is Steven Havers, what I am is a very creative interiors photographer. I love showcasing the quality and value of what you do to attract and engage more of your ideal clients. I work with prestigious businesses to tell their story through engaging photographs and help them attract more of their ideal clients.

I want to showcase your talent and creativity to your ideal clients and help you build a loyal and happy client base who will sing your praises to their family and friends. 

How do I work?

I work in a very collaborative way, if you just want some snaps taking, I can recommend you to some very good snappers, that is not how I work.

In our first meeting, I will get to know who your business is, where it is and where you would like it to be. I will explore and look at your business through the eyes of a visitor and ask, why would I want to come here? Our conversation will develop from there and we will collaborate on a plan for the shoot.

My aim is your complete satisfaction with my photographs, my service and my process.


We are delighted to be Good Business Charter accredited

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